Friday, July 18, 2014

Acquiring challenge Coins in a special Event

It really takes a great respect and Honor to have challenge coins in your arms. Military, Army, Navy, Air force, marine, police, sports men deserve challenge coins in their work. It is a traditional practice that to encourage and support our fighter to honour them for their braveness and courage by challenge coins. All the citizens working in the above mentioned sectors are unique by others; they have sacrificed luxury staying in cities, complete lock to the Entertainment and few are away from their Family. Door is always open for them only to stand for bullet shots and safe your country and to give each one a peaceful breath.

List of Occasions to honour people by Challenge coins

 To Army officers on the celebration of any national festival to award them, that really stands as strengthening back bone for their future coming Days.
 Officers will be honored by challenge coins as a token of Appreciation for their well done job and as a symbol of recognizing their efforts with appreciation.
 Challenge coins will also be exchanged in occasional officer’s celebration as a indication of Reorganization of Excellence.
 Challenge Coin Holder indicates an individual is not only a ranker but a pride and a responsible citizen of Nation.

Types of Challenge coins are awarded

 Air force Challenge Coins
 Marine Corps Challenge Coins
 Navy Challenge coins
 Army Challenge Coins
 Firefighter Challenge Coins
 Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
 Business Challenge Coins
 Police Challenge Coins
 Coast Guard Challenge Coins

Each Challenge coins as its own design, quote, perfect metal matching, three dimension edging, shape and symbol indicating the respective department, and a great Historical roots from decades. The tail end of Coins speaks about the American pilot who as fought in the first world war against Germany. For his remembrance and pride the practice of challenge coin as begun.

Navy Challenge Coins

Navy Challenge coins will have the sign of navy emblem, Quotation and as per the division the individual belongs, in particular the coins will be awarded

Only with a naval back ground knows the firm significance if Navy challenge coins.

To praise the hard work and full efforts of proud men and women of Navy who as put their life for serving country will be awarded by this challenge coin

Awarding Navy Challenge coin is also called as secret handshake; because in order to gain this challenge coin, the back end efforts and their stories will be complete a struggle street.

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